In the Fall of 2017, Land Locked Hops broke ground on the next 5 acres of hops.  As part of this plan, we moved forward with purchasing additional infrastructure to make our hop farm more efficient with our time and resources.  The additional acres in production gave us more economy of scale and allowed us to purchase a shed to house our equipment and supplies, an air blast sprayer, a Hopster 5P hop harvester, automatic drip irrigation and fertigation, and drying and processing equipment.  

We started the 5 acre expansion in the Fall of 2017. We set 70 of the 216 poles prior to Winter halting work.

The first look at our mostly finished shed. More to come once we put the final bells and whistles on.

Our last expansion included about 6,000 of cable. The 2018 expansion includes 32,000 of additional cable and 218 more poles.

May 24, 2018. Plants arrive from Michigan.

Fertigation connected to the auto drip irrigation. Some of the best money spent on the whole farm.

Dustbowl Filter on the first poles in the ground.

All activities are done with a "Safety First" mentality and a "hands on your hips" style of supervision.

September 2018. The majority of the 1 acre yard has been harvested. The baby hop plants in the 4 acre expansion are continuing to grow and develop for a 2019 harvest. All acres not in hop production have been enrolled in Native Grassland, Pollinator, and Wetland Restoration practices.