In addition to the hops that we are growing, our next passion is restoring native prairie and wildlife habitat.  As part of the habit restoration, we planted 700 shrubs, 350 hardwoods, and 350 evergreens.  We also restored almost 6 acres of wetlands into shallow water habitat for the many species that reside on or travel through the Land Locked farm.

First things first, lets decide where the hops go, and where the native prairie goes. "42" refers to Conservation Practice 42 - Pollinator Habitat.

The Pheasants Forever tree planter came in handy for getting the 1,400 trees and shrubs into the ground. This implement made short work of our windbreak establishment.

In 2018, this is where native prairie restorations begin. This is native grass, clover, and wildflower seed for almost 80 acres

Seeding Plan and various mixes from Pheasants Forever.

Wetland Restoration Plans.

A view of the South Wetland and the beginnings of the 5 acre expansion after an early Spring rain.

Trenton Carley of FullThrottle Ag Service air seeded the entire acreage of the native prairie restoration. The air flow seeding systems provides an even distribution of coverage for the very tiny seeds.