Two Guys. An Idea. And Lots and Lots of Time.

Nick Reutter

I like to think I am a hop farmer, cleverly disguised as a banker.  The proverbial “agricultural roots” run deep in my family, and this venture has allowed me to get back to what my ancestors did in Germany and eventually here in east-central Illinois.  My life used to have 3 seasons; golfing, fishing, and hunting.  Then I met my beautiful wife, Jenny, and my priorities quickly transformed into what they are today; family, work, and pheasant season.  She and I have two Labrador Retrievers, Urban and Shooter.  


ross sorensen

Hi.  I am half of the human capital behind Land Locked Hops, and the initial planting is located adjacent to my house.  By day, I am a small town real estate attorney.  After 5, I like to think of myself as a hop farmer.  Along with my love of all things growing, including hops (and the byproducts of hops), I am an avid outdoorsmen who enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking and so on.  I have been blessed with an amazing wife Colleen and our two sons, Dawson and Declan.  Also residing on our homestead are Kingsley and Presley, our two dogs, and Oreo, and our barn cat.