Two Guys. An Idea. And Lots and Lots of Time.

Nick Reutter

I like to think I am a hop farmer, cleverly disguised as a banker.  The proverbial “agricultural roots” run deep in my family, and this venture has allowed me to get back to what my ancestors did in Germany and eventually here in east-central Illinois.  My life used to have 3 seasons; golfing, fishing, and hunting.  Then I met my beautiful wife, Jenny, and my priorities quickly transformed into what they are today; family, work, and pheasant season.  She and I have two Labrador Retrievers, Urban and Shooter.  


ross sorensen

Hi.  I am half of the human capital behind Land Locked Hops, and the initial planting is located adjacent to my house.  By day, I am a small town real estate attorney.  After 5, I like to think of myself as a hop farmer.  Along with my love of all things growing, including hops (and the byproducts of hops), I am an avid outdoorsmen who enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking and so on.  I have been blessed with an amazing wife Colleen and our 2 year old son, Dawson.  Also residing on our homestead are Kingsley and Presley, our two dogs, and Oreo, and our barn cat.